Indexed Universal Life Insurance Education and Resources

How to tax diversify your assets.

The Top 10% of income earners pay 70% of the individual taxes in this country.

Having tax free assets is one of the best wealth protection strategies around. Here is an overview of taxable, tax deferred and tax free buckets.

This video can help you see where your funds are allocated from a tax perspective.

Creating Tax Free Income with Indexed life.

Tax-Free Income, Protection and Growth. Index life insurance sales were over $2 Billion for 2017.  This is the most complete overview of indexed universal life insurance you will find on the internet. Details of growth strategies, cost structure and case studies. Denver Nowicz is one of the top experts in the nation on indexed life insurance and has been using these in the real world for 17 years.

Build income streams to create wealth for life

Building income streams is the “pension” type concept. Your financial life is much easier if you know 70% or more of your monthly expenses are automatically covered each month. Use safe and protected vehicles to create a lifetime of income with double digit growth potential, no market risk and inflation protection. This short video explains how it’s done.

How policy loans work with whole life insurance and indexed life insurance – Part 2

Whether you are trying to be your own bank or maximize tax free income, it is important to know the difference between loan provisions in whole life insurance and indexed life insurance. We also discuss what can go wrong with both types of policies. This video is part 2.

How fees and taxes can make you run out of money

Fees and taxes on your retirement accounts can suck away hundreds of thousands of dollars. The impact is much larger than most people realize. This short video gives a quick overview and shows how to you can use alternative strategies to reduce fees and taxes.

The 401k Tax Deception Part I

People have been told they can save money in taxes by maxing out a 401k or Defined Benefit Plan. These plans are not tax savings plans. You still have to pay the taxes in the future when you take out money. High income earners could end up paying more in taxes by waiting. Watch this video to learn how these plans really work.

The difference between Whole Life and Indexed Life Insurance Part 1

The top three differences between whole life insurance and indexed life insurance. What are the difference between indexed life insurance and whole life insurance? Which one is better for income? For guarantees? This video looks at guarantees, flexibility and upside potential of whole life insurance and indexed life insurance. You’ll also see a summary of cash value over time and internal rate of return. This part 1 of a 2 part series.

Retirement taxation: Pitfalls and opportunities

Most Americans are heading down the path of having to pay more an higher taxes come retirement time. Creating tax free income sources now is key to paying less later on.

The tax dilemma: pay less now pay more later

Doesn’t a 401k or Defined Benefit Plan save me money? (It depends. It could cost you more.) Won’t you be in a lower tax bracket at retirement? (The media says yes, reality….not so much.) If I pay taxes now, don’t I have less to invest? (Turns out it’s probably the same. How is this possible?)

What to look for in indexed universal life and mistakes to avoid.

What to look for in setting up indexed life insurance. Agent mistakes can cost you a small fortune. Index strategies to capture upside.

Taxable, tax free and your 401k plan

Radio show topics: Taxable vs. tax free income. Is saving into your 401k creating a tax problem down the road. Also the three ways to create tax free income.

Is indexed life insurance a good investment?

Is indexed life insurance a good investment? How to build the most cash value by buying the least amount insurance. Why most life insurance policies don’t make money.

The difference between whole life and indexed universal life.

What’s the difference between indexed life, whole life and variable life? What is the upside potential and costs? Can indexed life insurance be used at my company?

Indexed Life Insurance Two most important growth factors

Indexed life insurance: The two most important growth factors.