We  Can Help You Position Assets To Save Six Figures or More in Taxes.

If you are a successful professional, these strategies should be on your radar. Without them, you will pay more than your fair share of taxes.

The Top 10% of Income Earners Pay 70% of the Taxes.

If you are a successful professional in the top 10% of U.S. Households you have a big tax target on your head.

Certain tax strategies that benefit the bottom 90% of Americans will not work as well for the top 10%. Different rules apply because YOU are taxed more!

Proper asset positioning could save the high-income earner $500,000 or more in taxes.

Michigan Coach Jim Harbaugh used Indexed Life to become the highest paid coach in college football...

FORBES recently showed how Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh used an indexed life insurance strategy to create a $1.4 million dollar per year in tax-free income. His plan will make him the top paid college football coach in the nation. People don’t put that kind of money in strategies without EXTREME due-diligence. This site will teach you how to they did this.

Indexed Life has one of the best provisions in the tax code for high-income earners: IRS Section 7702.

This allows you to position assets to tax-favored status with no limit.

Indexed Life Strategies can be designed to generate Six Figures or more tax-free income outperforming other alternatives…

In a detailed comparison, indexed life can out perform other alternatives. If you are making over $100,000 per year. This strategy should be on your radar…

We can customize a Wealth Plan to show you the details for your situation.

Build Non-Taxable Income Streams

IRS Code Section 7702 provides tax-deferred growth. Policy loans provide non-taxable income streams.

Double-Digit Growth Potential - Protection From Market Losses.

Traditional strategies are dependent on one thing – the market going up over time. Indexed life contains 7 growth factors to enhance performance in up, down or flat markets.

Create your own Tax-Free Income Estimate using…

Do you know these Top Three Wealth Hacks for High-Income Earners?

  • Get 25% more out of what you have
  • Enhance your lifestyle now and create greater future wealth.

FREE BONUS: How To Get a 3 to 1 match on contributions to create a steady, non-taxable income stream if you meet the income qualification.

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Indexed Life is a modern Wealth Hack:

  • Unmatched ability to create tax-free income streams
  • Double-digit growth potential
  • Guaranteed against market losses
  • Access tax-free income before age 59.5
  • Enhances your existing wealth strategies
  • No income or contribution limits 
  • Much lower cost long term than many traditional investments
  • Asset Protection and creditor protection
  • Death Benefit, Chronic Illness, and LTC protections

$2.0 Billion +

2017 Indexed Life Sales Estimate

$1.97 Billion

2016 Indexed Life Sales

$1.86 Billion

2015 Indexed Life Sales

Resources, Tools and Education

New to indexed life insurance?

Get a complete overview, learn the pros and cons here.

Shopping for indexed universal life?

Explore videos and articles by topic such as IUL costs, best companies,caps/floors, loan provisions and more here.

Indexed life vs. Whole life vs. 401ks

Which is best? Really they all have their place. Watch videos and listen to podcasts on specific topics here.

Never put water in your gas tank.

Just like anything, if you don’t set your index life policy up correctly it can be a horrible strategy. Set this up right and it could be your favorite asset class. It is for our clients! Here is our design process:

1. Funding Schedule

Indexed life policies work best when max funded over a 4 or 5-year time frame.  However, longer funding schedules can be designed for specific goals. Funding can be determined by how much income you want to create or how much you want to save.

2. Cost Comparison

Which policy has the best cost strucutre? How does the costs of an indexed life policy compare with other investment options? Compare the numbers and you can swing the needle in your favor, potentialy by six fugures or more.

3. Growth Strategies

While most indexed life strategies tend to perform around 7% long term, some strategies have the potential to do much higher on a given year due to the options strategies and the market indexes.  Make sure to look at actual performance and backtesting. Look for an uncapped strategy to make sure you can capture bigger run ups in the market.

4. Income Estimates

Insurance company A may estimate your income to be 20% higher than Insurance company B. Due to recent regulatory changes it has gotten harder for consumers to know which is best. On the surface, it may seem best to always pick the highest illustrated income. BUT, some insurance companies may be oversestimateing the income while others are underestimating. Make sure to work with an expert who can run mulitple options and clearly explain the difference between companies.

5. Loan Provisions

One of the best provisions with indexed life insurance is the ability to take out tax free policy loans. This also alows you to create an arbitrage that can create 18%-20% more income for the same dollars! See out Top Three Wealth Hacks for High Income Porfessionals.

6. Included Benefits

Of course you have death benefit protection. Most policies today also include chronic illness(LTC), critical illness and terminal illnes protection. These additioanl protections can be invaluable.

7. Financial Plan Integration

How does and indexed life policy fit in your overall plan? What sources are you going to be using for income and when?  What are the tax implications of each strategy you are using? Will you have enough money to do the things you want. We do integrated financial planning for clients at no additioanl charge. This is included with each case we structure. See a sample here.